☕️ max verstappen 👀

☕️ max verstappen 👀

pengest driver on the grid

oh an actual answer? alright fine

i think he’s grown and matured a lot as a driver, especially since monaco 2018. he’s driving more carefully and he’s got more discipline, which means he makes less silly mistakes. (there’s a great article by will buxton about him which almost mirrors my view, i’ll link it at the end)

he’s emotionally matured as well, which is obviously natural as he’s grown up. remember when he came in and he was only 17?? and a lot of people said “oh he’s so emotional hjghghjgjhk” yeah no shit he’d not even finished puberty!! he was literally BABEY!!! but he’s managed to prove that he can be controlled and measured, which is a relief as i think a lot of people were worried he would inherit his dad’s temper, which it seems he hasn’t.

i also think he’s outperforming the RB15, and he deserves to be in a car that can win the championship because he should be fighting for it very soon, maybe even next season. (not saying i want him to move, the opposite; red bull need to step up their car)

in conclusion, max is my favourite driver and i hope he doesn’t go to mercedes because i don’t want to root for mercedes. the end

(will buxton article: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.buxton-the-driver-im-most-impressed-by-right-now.9SvhIEHzVinO4M8frcDct.html)