Ricciardo suffers Silverstone crash in RB14

Date published: February 20 2018

Daniel Ricciardo was involved in a crash at Silverstone on Monday during a filming session showcasing the new RB14.

The 2018 challenger reportedly sustained damage to the front wing, nose, suspension and floor but Red Bull say that the incident is only a minor setback and is not expected to impact the start of their pre-season testing in Barcelona next week.

Ricciardo said on Twitter after the session, where the RB14 was limited to just 100km of running under strict regulations, that he “loosened everything” on the car – and it looks like he did exactly that on the wet Silverstone circuit.

The Aussie is said to have come away from the crash unscathed and replacement parts will be fitted in time for next Monday.

Ricciardo: Encouraging early signs

Date published: February 20 2018

Having debuted the Red Bull RB14 at a wet Silverstone circuit on Monday, Daniel Ricciardo has revealed that the “initial feeling is good.”

The Aussie put in the laps at the British track on Monday as Red Bull conducted a filming day in their blue-and-black camo liveried car.

Under F1 regulations, all teams are permitted 100km of running during a promotional day.

Ricciardo enjoyed his day out in the rain, stating that the early signs from the RB14 are encouraging.

“It’s always hard to tell from a few laps but the initial feeling is good,” he told Fox Sport Australia.

“It’s not doing anything that scares me and I can already feel that the rear of the car feels pretty settled, even in these poor conditions.

“Those are encouraging early signs.”

Ricciardo takes RB14 out for Silverstone spin

Daniel Ricciardo has been giving the new RB14 a shake-down at Silverstone following its official launch on Monday morning.

Not the first time, Red Bull unveiled a camo livery to keep a few elements of the new car under wraps – but many would like to see the blue and white colour scheme stay.

The camo theme continued when Ricciardo turned up to work in a special edition Aston Martin…

While his racing gear was also given the camo effect…

After being suited and booted, Ricciardo took a soggy Silverstone track, where under official guidelines he is only allowed to complete 100km of running.

Red Bull also released more images via their social channels…

And a lovely side shot…

Ricciardo needs to ‘drive through’ problems

Date published: February 19 2018

Gearing up for his eighth season in F1, Daniel Ricciardo still has things to learn such as how to be less “sensitive” to set-up and drive through the problems.

The Aussie is hoping that this year’s championship will see Red Bull emerge as a true title contender, taking the fight to Mercedes and Ferrari.

But while he needs Red Bull and Renault to come to the party for that to happen, he concedes there are also things he can do to up his game.

“In the past, I feel some of my strength has been my ability to feel the car,” Ricciardo told Motorsport.com.

“I’m quite sensitive to things and therefore in the past it’s been good for tyre management.

“Sometimes it’s to my detriment, where I would probably be better off driving through something as opposed to being ‘oh, we need to change that or change that’.

“I feel I have learned a bit as well. Sometimes just throw the book out the window and drive it.”

Last season Ricciardo claimed nine podiums of which just one was a race win, Azerbaijan.

He reckons a large part of his troubles were the result of the Pirelli tyres and not so much the new 2017 aero rules.

“These tyres behave so differently to all different types of surfaces,” Ricciardo explained.

“On a smooth surface they slide a lot and I think a lot of the time, I have got to acknowledge the car is not going to be perfect.

“It’s low grip, the tyre is quite slow at warming up, so it’s going to slide, it’s going to feel a bit of a handful.

“Just go out there and it’s not going to be perfect but just do what you’ve got with what you’ve got. Maybe sometimes I’ll try and set up the car and try and fix it when it’s never really going to be fixed.

“Maybe sticking with one set-up for longer in the weekend and learning how to drive that set-up the best [would be better].

“There are a few times we’ve got a little bit lost and changed too many things. It’s also natural because you want a better car – ‘it’s understeering here so let’s try and fix that’.

“It then creates another problem and you just end up in a bit of a vicious cycle.”

Ricciardo latest to reveal new 2018 lid

Date published: February 15 2018

Daniel Ricciardo has joined his fellow Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen in revealing what helmet he will be wearing for the season opener: his home race in Melbourne.

The Australian Grand Prix has not been particularly kind to the home favourite, who is still searching for his podium finish at Albert Park after retiring from the race last year.

But he will be hoping a new, clean helmet will bring a clean start to 2018, and it comes as no surprise to see that his Aussie roots have heavily influenced the design.

In his usual cool, laid-back manner, Ricciardo also welcomed on board Red Bull’s sponsors for the new season, including title sponsors Aston Martin.

Ricciardo ‘believes’ Red Bull can beat Mercedes

Date published: February 14 2018

With not many rule changes this season, Daniel Ricciardo sees no reason why Red Bull cannot pick up where they left off in 2017 and challenge Mercedes and Ferrari for race wins.

Red Bull took to the top step of the podium three times last season with Ricciardo triumphant in Baku while Max Verstappen won in Malaysia and Mexico.

The team racked up seven podiums in the final half of the championship and finished the season with arguably the second best car on the grid.

It has given Ricciardo confidence ahead of the 2018 campaign.

“I believe so,” he said in a pre-season Red Bull video interview when asked if his team could beat Mercedes and Ferrari.

“With not many rule changes and stuff, we improved the car quite a lot last year so I guess in principle we should be able to carry that over for this year and kind of keep evolving from there.

“We should be able to fight more often – time will tell. But I am confident.”

He added: “I feel there is a good intensity.

“Everyone is not getting too excited, it’s like we know we have got some work to do if we really want to achieve what we want.

“We all know we have some desires to attack this year.”

Ricciardo: I would like to go against Hamilton

Date published: February 11 2018

Daniel Ricciardo believes he has the ability to take on anyone on today’s Formula 1 grid in equal machinery, even Lewis Hamilton.

The Red Bull racer, who previously raced with HRT and Toro Rosso before joining Red Bull, can lay claim to the fact that he is the only driver to beat Sebastian Vettel as his team-mate.

Stepping up to Red Bull in 2014, he got the better of the four-time World Champion – some would suggest prompting Vettel’s move to Ferrari.

Since then he has teamed up with Daniil Kvyat and now has Max Verstappen as his team-mate but admits he is dreaming of the opportunity to take on reigning World Champ Hamilton.

Asked by RACER if he believed he can team up with anyone on today’s grid, Ricciardo replied: “I think so.

“I’ve never really been too fussed about the type of team-mate.

“People will probably call me a liar for this but I would like a fast team-mate.

“For two reasons: It’s always going to get more out of yourself, and it’s going to be more of a true evaluation of how good you are and where you stand.

“I’m in this sport, yes to win, but to win by being the best, not getting lucky or whatever.

“If I win a title I want to know that I was the best guy that year.

“To be the best you have to go against the best and I’ve certainly got a very good one alongside me in Max [Verstappen].

“I would like to go against Lewis at some point, irrespective of team situation. That would be fun.”